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Unique approach to accelerate research and development, innovation,
and time-to-market for clean energy industry



Innovative HPC® platform ®: a fundamentally new approach

The Comberry, technology platform combining software with technological and analytical equipment, and HPC® technology (HPC® technology makes it possible to conduct dozens and even hundreds of experiments simultaneously, thereby discovering the most high-performing materials and their application methods) developed by Intermolecular, Inc. is capable of conducting hundreds of experiments simultaneously, the results are quickly studied with special analytical methods to determine the most promising materials and processes for fabrication of integrated devices. The platform ensures that scientific results from the labs are scalable for production.

The Comberry ™ Combinatorial Research Platform                            The Comberry ™ Combinatorial Research Platform

Combinatorial technology in conjunction with a top-notch team of experts accelerates research cycles and increases their efficiency, which in turn contributes to cost efficient and seamless implementation of innovative solutions for mass production.

The Comberry combinatorial research platform is unparalleled in both Russian and European markets.

Technical infrastructure


The Integrated R&D Platform combines combinatorial processing equipment with analytics and data management to significantly improve the efficiency of each stage in the R&D efforts around application of thin-film coatings via Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD), Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD), Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD), as well as Liquid-Phase Deposition (LPD) methods. The Platform’s technological capabilities allow for a wide spectrum of research opportunities in the field of Materials Science of thin-film coatings and optimization of the existing technological processes.

The Integrated R&D Platform HPC® of Comberry includes the following modules:


The main technological facility is located in the laboratory of the ULNANOTECH Nanocenter (city of Ulyanovsk).

Comberry utilizes the infrastructure and competencies of the Dubna Nanocenter in electrochromic, hydrophobic and hydrophilic adhesive materials as well as the infrastructure of the Saransk Nanocenter in power electronics. 

Comberry’s laboratory is a cleanroom  that meets ISO Class 7 requirements.

Applications тонкопленочных покрытий


Comberry provides comprehensive material characterization and analytical services in the area of thin-film functional coatings.

The Comberry highly qualified team using the technological platform contributes to acceleration of developments, depth of understanding and invention of new materials. The Comberry engineers provide a thorough customer support at every stage of development - from rapid material deposition and characterization to development programs.



Comberry ™   invites interested companies to address their problems of how to reduce financial costs and time to search for advanced technology solutions.

In February 2014 Comberry hosted  an international distributed seminar ”Technologies and Applications of Transparent Conductive Oxides. Accelerated Development of Thin-film Devices.” As a result of the seminar an announcement was made to create the Consortium of Businesses committed to optimization of the ТСО, materials and properties, which are widely used for manufacturing glass, displays, light emitting devices (LEDs), photovoltaics, etc. changed. The Consortium brings together the resources and efforts of all participants to reduce the time and costs searching for innovative technology solutions.

Comberry invites all interested companies that use TCO in manufacturing to acquire rights to the emerging technology by joining the Consortium.

The Consortium model offers the following advantages:

  • every participant is granted the right to use this technology for manufacturing its products;
  • technology development costs are allocated among all Consortium participants, i.e., every participant acquires technology rights at a significantly lower price;
  • The unique technology platform Comberry facilitates the completion of tasks to achieve optimal results in the shortest possible time.

At the request of several Russian and foreign companies, Comberry has developed a  portfolio of projects to be carried out within the Consortium.


About us

Comberry (Comberry, LLC), a Technology Company

Comberry was established, by the Nanocenters of Dubna, Ulyanovsk and Saransk jointly with Intermolecular Inc., in October 2013 Intermolecular, Inc.


- applied research in the field of multifunctional thin-film coatings for various materials.

Comberry mission: to provide innovative Russian companies with technological development capabilities, poised to allow them to become successful producers of high-tech products.

Joint development projects make it possible for Comberry’s customers to increase the efficiency of applied research and create large numbers of intellectual property objects while reducing the time to market for new products

First stage projects:

Board of Directors
  • Andrey


    M.A. Information Systems in Economics, Ulyanovsk State Technology University, Department of Information Systems and Technologies

    Professional Experience:

    2002-2004 Director, Quality Assurance Department, IC Sibinteck, LLC

    2004-2009 Director of Sales and Marketing, ITECH Group

    2010-2011 General Director Ulyanovsk Technopark, OJSC

    2011 - 2018 - CEO of  Ulyanovsk Center for Technology Transfer, LLC (ULNANOTECH)

    2018 - present time - CEO of  Comberry, LLC

    Languages: English –fluent, Spanish, German - basic

    Accomplished, enthusiastic project manager with 12 years’ experience and proven ability to successfully deliver projects on time and within budget. Highly successful in creating vision, identifying opportunities and building successful organizations. Communicates effectively with all levels of management, third-party vendors and clients.

  • Vladimir
    CTO / Equipment Maintenance Engineer

    In 2001 received his Master's degree in Electronics Engineering from Ulyanovsk State Technology University, department of Electronics, with a focus on Design and Manufacturing of Radio and Electronics Equipment.  Participated in design and construction of the Ulyanovsk NanoCenter, including purchasing, set up and installation of high-tech equipment for the Center’s companies. Developed and customized technological solutions for the NanoCenter companies, managed the renovation of the laboratory to comply with the cleanroom requirements of ISO-7; managed the lay-out of technological equipment for Comberry. In 2014 completed his internship in the US with Intermolecular. The internship was under the JDP agreement, between Comberry and Intermolecular, for producing thin films by employing vacuum and liquid phase deposition methods and maintenance of hi-tech equipment. 

  • Elena
    Chemical Engineer

    In 2007 obtained a Bachelor Degree in Technology of Semiconductor Materials (Lomonosov Moscow State University of Fine Chemical Technologies).In 2009 graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University of Fine Chemical Technologies with an Engineer Degree in Material Science and Technology of Advanced Materials.Studied English in Great Britain and passed Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).Her work experience includes an engineering position with Orion Research –And-Production Association (Moscow) and a process-engineer II position with Composite in the city of Korolev.In 2014 as part of the Comberry-Intermolecular Joint Development Program, she interned at Intermolecular, Inc., USA, concentrating on analysis techniques and technologies for creating thin films through Wet Process.

  • Vladimir
    Project Manager / Manufacturing Engineer

    In 1999 graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU), Department of Chemistry with a degree in chemistry. Since 1996 conducted scientific experiments in the laboratory of π-complexes of transition metals at the A.N. Nesmeyanov Institute of Organoelement Compounds of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Received a Ph.D. in chemistry of organometallic and metallacarborane compounds at the A.N. Nesmeyanov Institute of Organoelement Compounds of Russian Academy of Sciences. After defending his dissertation worked as a research fellow in Northern Illinois University (Illinois, USA), Southern Methodist University (Texas, USA), University of the Free State (Free State, South Africa), and Stellenbosch University (Western Cape, South Africa). He was the Head of the Chemistry Division of the FSUE “Research Institute of Applied Acoustics” (Dubna, Russia) and the head of the Research and Production Center PK CedRus (Kolomna, Russia).

  • Mikhail

    In 2009 graduated from Ulyanovsk State University, Faculty of Physics and High Technology Engineering with a degree in Physics. In 2007 Mikhail started working in the Engineering Physics Department (former Optics and Solid-State Spectroscopy Department). Defended his PhD dissertation on Semiconductor Physics. Previously worked in the Federal Research-and-Production Center JSC “Research-and-Production Association “Mars”.

  • Sergey
  • Igor
Photo and Video
  • Signing of an agreement to establish a technology company in the Ulyanovsk region specializing in functional thin-film coatings.
  • Signing of a joint agreement for the development of innovative solutions in functional thin-film coatings, San Jose (California, USA).
  • International Seminar across Seven RUSNANO Nanocenters
  • Intermolecular’s Laboratory
  • Tempus F-20 Reactor
  • Tempus® F-20 Automated Combined Liquid-Processing Unit
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